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Staff support program

Staff support program ZeromaX clean, 20.06.2011.

How many employees can say that the company they work for have time to listen and solve their problems? Our employees can.

Nowadays, when employees ask their managers for help in most cases they will get an answer that it is crisis, times are tough and the company is not able to help him. We strongly believe that a ''healthy'' company development depends on communication and trust between employees and their managers.

We designed a program to support our employees which was successfully implemented last year. Any support is targeted and based on previous consultation with employees and their superiors because
employee's personal commitment and engagement are taken into account, too. Only last month we gave: spectacles, firewood, a freezer.

This kind of program is considered as an investment rather than cost since we build a relationship of trust and loyalty with our employees, that is reflected in increasing productivity and successful business results.






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