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Questions & Answers

Why should you believe us?

We provide exceptional quality and professional cleaning and hygiene and all of our employees have undergone appropriate training. Each team and their work in the field is monitored and you have
always the option to contact the responsible person and present your findings regarding the service you have selected.

What about damages made during the cleaning and maintenance?

All cleaning is done carefully and with full respect to your properties so possibility of damage is minimal. Before entering into any space that needs cleaning a record of the current state of things
can be made and if by chance there was some damages to the things we will do our best to repair or replace them.

a client have to prepare means or materials for work?

No. Each team goes onsite fully equipped with all means and materials for the upcoming work. However, if you express a desire for cleaning done with your material, we can talk about it.

How long will I wait from the call to the arrival of your cleaning personnel?

ZeromaX clean is known not only by delivered quality of services but also for expediency. After contacting our office and seeing the scope of work, you can expect that the service will be provided within 24 hours.

How do I pay ZeromaX clean services?

All payments should be done on the company bank account.






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